Unique Plugz

Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

We Are Unique

We do one thing, and we do it well: custom-fit hearing protection. Our earplugs and earphones are molded to fit your unique ears, offering the ultimate in comfort and noise reduction.

The Low-Down

29.8 decibel Noise Reduction Rating to keep your ears protected.
Custom-made to fit your ears, and no one else's.
Optional acoustic filters reduce volume without sacrificing clarity.
Ten colours to mix, match, and swirl.

Our Process

Wondering what to expect at your appointment? Look no further! This handy information guide has got you covered.


We'll give your ears a quick check with the otoscope, just to make sure you're good to go. If we run into any problems (excessive wax, infection), we'll rebook you ASAP.


Once you've got the all-clear, we'll get started by placing a small foam block in each ear canal to keep things in place during the fitting process.


Next, we fill a special syringe with Insta-Mold silicone and inject it into your ear canals. After 6-8 minutes, your new earplugs will be cured and ready for removal.


Your earplugs will be trimmed if necessary, buffed to get rid of any rough edges, and sealed to provide longer lasting, cleaner, and more precise fitting earplugs.


We'll deliver your new earplugs in their own custom storage pouch, complete with a care card detailing everything you'll need to know.

About Us

We are a husband and wife team born, raised, and based in Sarnia, Ontario. A family full of plant workers, hunters, and musicians has made us passionate about hearing protection.

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